Karnataka Building and Other Workers Welfare Board Bangalore Shrama Samarthya Yojane

  1. The Board has designed a special training programme under Dr.Ambedkar Sahaya Hasta Yojane’s ‘TRAINING - CUM – TOOL KIT’.
  2. The main aim of the programme is to enhance the professional skills of the registered construction workers to bring an improvement in their economic, social and living conditions which will help them to overpower the clutches of poverty.
  3. The training models for various construction trades are designed on par with National Skills Qualifications Framework followed by evaluation. The syllabus is a right blends of 30% theory, 50% practical, 15% Life Soft Skills and 5% Health and Safety. The Hands on Skill Development Practical Sessions are based on observe, understand, do it yourself, repeat on practicing units specially designed for mastering various skills of constructions, then work on life size environment to become ‘Industry Ready Worker’, who has developed a built in passion to work sincerely with professional ethics, enhanced skills, delivering improved quality in construction.
  4. The trained skilled worker will be on his mission to work smart for better results by application of creative ideas and sharp minds with enhanced analytical capabilities developed/sharpened during the training.
  5. The reduced cost of construction for a given work, results in saving of money, materials and manpower due to enhanced work efficiency of a trained worker combined with time management, material handling etc., entitles him/her to earn additional income that helps him to overcome from the clutches of poverty and adopting better living conditions on one hand and help protecting environment on other hand by adopting green and best construction practices learnt during the training.
  6. Each Trained worker will get the following benefits who undergoes training for the required number of days to complete the training in his trade.

In the initial stages, the Board has identified 21 trades listed below

Masonry Masonry- Gr II (Basic & Entry level)
Masonry- Gr I
Mistry Head Mason (Group Leader)
Bar bending Bar bending
Shuttering Form work / Shuttering & Scaffolding
Tiling Tiling (Tile & Granite)
Wall Painting Wall Painting
Wood Painting Wood Polish & Painting
Design Painting Interior Designing Work (Painting)
Water Proofing & Termite Treatment Water Proofing & Termite Treatment
Plumbing Plumbing (Water supply & Sanitary works)
Carpentry Carpentry Gr II
Carpentry Gr I
Electrical Wiring & Fittings Electrical Wiring & Fittings (General & Domestic)
Electrical Wiring & Fittings (Industrial, Commercial- High Rise structures)
Electrical Wiring & Fittings (Repairs of Domestic Appliances)
AC repair and maintenance
Operation & Maintenance of Construction Equipments Operation &Maintenance of Construction Equipments
Work inspection & measurement Construction Supervision/ Work Inspection
Earth Work Earth work- Cutting. Filling & Compaction
Drilling Pile Foundation and Borewell, Drilling
Construction Demolition & Disposal Construction Demolition & Disposal
False ceiling Interior Designing Work (False ceiling)
Fabrication Steel Fabrication
Block making Pre fabricated Construction Products & Block Production
Errecition of Temporary Structures Truss Errecition
Pipe pendal Errecition
Temporary civil Structures