Rule 41: A construction worker who have been registered as beneficiary is eligible foe Toolkit not exceeding rupees 20000 sub to the following conditions ,namely

  1. The beneficiary shall be within fifty five years age,
  2. The beneficiary shall complete skill aquization or skill upgradation training in masonry,plumbing,carpentary,barbending & scaffolding, painting,tile laying, electrician, welding & steel fabricating etc.,acquired from skill development center established by the board jointly with other Government departments in this regard. The training programs shall include skills required for the construction workers to improve there awareness & employability the board shall bear the expenditure for the wage compensation of the trainees, boarding & lodging, Traineer & Master Trainee, Tool kit & protective gear ,Course content, Course material & Training facilities, Certificate of skill, Health & Fitness of the trainees,Web-unabled database for trainees, Information, education & Communication to improve awareness of trainees & quality certification of the trainee. wherever possible,the board shall partner with construction center, partners both private & public to provide upgraded skills & facilities to trainees;
  3. This facility shall be available to a beneficiary only once during his memebership in the board;
  4. While claiming this assistance the beneficiary shall produce the original certificate for having undergone skill aquization or skill upgradation training along with the application in Form XV
  5. Supporting Document:
  6. Photocopy of ID card attested by gazetted officer
  7. Proof of Bank Account
  8. This training facility can be availed onece during membership of the benificiary
  9. The beneficiary shall be within 55 years of age to undergo training
  10. Application Fee : NA
    Delivery Time (Days) : Nill
    Procedure for applying:
  11. Applicant needs to submit the application
  12. Sumission of subcription certificate by SLI/LI
  13. Application processing and Verification by Labour Inspector
  14. Review and Approval by Board
  15. Issue of taining certificaate by training center