Rule 43: Assistance for delivery of child by a registered women construction worker

  1. The Secretary or any other officer authorized in the behalf by the Board, shall on an application from a registered woman construction worker sanction [a sum of Rs.30000/- for a female child and a sum of Rs 20000/- for a male child], only for first two deliveries, on her producing proof of delivery of a child to her.
  2. The Amount shall be sanctioned, only if the conditions are fulfilled namely.
    1. The registered woman construction worker can get this assistance only twice [and that the second claim application shall be accompanied by an affidavit stating that the claim is for second delivery].
    2. The registered woman construction worker shall have no dues payable to the Board and
    3. The registered woman construction worker shall not be given this assistance if she already has two living children.
    4. The certification of registration of birth obtained from the registrar of births and deaths or certificate of delivery in a government or private hospital in the state of Karnataka duly signed by the doctor concerned from the institution shall be produced along with the application
    5. The assistance shall be in the form of Fixed Deposit or Bond (Thayi Lakshmi Bond)In the name of the mother for a period of atleast 3 years.
  3. The application for claiming the amount specified in the sub-rule (1), shall be in Form XVII.
  4. Supporting Document:
  5. Affidavit for second child
  6. Proof of Bank Account
  7. Photo of Child
  8. Employment Certificate
  9. Proof of Identity/Smart card issued by the Board
  10. Discharge Summary
  11. Birth Certificate of Child
  12. Application can be submitted wihtin 6 months of delivery
  13. Application Fee : NA
    Delivery Time (Days) : 30
    Procedure for applying:
  14. Applicant needs to submit the application
  15. Sumission of subcription certificate by SLI/LI
  16. Application processing and Verification by Senior/ Labour Inspector
  17. Preparation of inspection report by Labour Inspector
  18. Review and Approval by Labour Officer