Rule 46: The Secretary or any other officer authorized in this behalf by the Board may sanction financial assistance to register construction worker and their dependents hospitalized in the Government hospital or a private hospital included in Schedule I of the Karnataka Government Servants (Medical Attendance) Rules,1963 or a Hospital recognized under any insurance Scheme of the State Government.The assistance shall be towards hospitalization for minimum 48 Hours continuously.The Financial assistance shall be Rs 300/- per Day of the hospitalization to the maximum of Rs 10,000/- for a continuos period of Hospitalization subject to actuals.The application in Form XX along with the Medical Certificate in Form XXII-A shall be submitted with such other documents as specified there in

    Supporting Document:
  1. Proof of Identity/Smart card issued by the Board
  2. Employment Certificate
  3. Proof of Bank Account
  4. Bills of hospital showing Admission and Discharge Dates and all treatment given
  5. Any medical documents on hospitalization of beneficiary/dependent in government/private hospital included in schedule1 of the Karnataka government servents(medical attendance) Rules 1963.
  6. Form XXII-A
  7. Application can be submitted wihtin 6 months of hospitalisation commencement date
  8. Application Fee : NA
    Delivery Time (Days) : 30
  9. Procedure for applying:
  10. Applicant needs to submit the application
  11. Sumission of subcription certificate by SLI/LI
  12. Application processing and Verification by Senior/ Labour Inspector
  13. Preparation of inspection report by Labour Inspector
  14. Review and Approval by Labour Officer