Rule 47: Accident Benefits-

  1. Accident means an event which is sudden without any criminal intent and unforeseen resulting in Death or incapacitation permanent, Total or partial disablement.
  2. Every registered construction worker who meets with an accident during the course of employment shall be compensated by the employer under the provisions of Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923.along with a compenstion of Rs. 2 lakh from the Board, If the accident occurs outside the course of his or her employment, assistance under this Rule shall be given by the Board excluding the following cases
    1. Natural Death
    2. payment of compensation in Respect of Death or injury as a consequence of resulting from-
      1. Commiting or attempting suicide, Intentional self injury;
      2. whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs;
      3. Committing any breach of law with the criminal intent;
      4. Pregnancy during child birth,miscarriage, abortion or complication araising there from;
      5. curative treatments or interventions;
      6. venereal or sexually transmitted diseases;
      7. HIV or related illness;
      8. Any attempted crime on the body
    3. Claim

      1. Every registered construction worker [or his first living nominee] who is eligible for accident benefit under sub-rule (2) shall apply to the Board in [Form XXI enclosing a medical disability certificate issued by the doctor of the Government hospital or of the recognised hospital who has treated the applicant showing clearly the percentage of permanent disablement (incapacitation) and permanent partial disablement suffered by the applicant due to the accident occurred to him and also his age at the time of accident];
        Provided that a construction worker, who is eligible for accident benefit under sub-rule (1) and (2) should produce to the Board, a certificate [in Form XXI-A] by his Employer in proof of accident occurred to him [or F.I.R. and post-mortem report].
      2. [The Secretary or any other office authorised in this behalf by the Board] shall examine every application for accident benefit in accordance with the provisions and may accept or reject the claim.
        Provided that [the Secretary or any other officer authorised in this behalf oby the Board] shall, before rejecting a claim for accident benefit, give the applicant a reasonable opportunity of making the representation.
    4. The Secretary or any other authorised in this behalf may grant % in Fixed Deposit in a National Bank and % through account payee cheque or DBT, a sum of Rs.5 Lakh (Rupees Five Lakh Only) for the diseased beneficiary or first living nominee in case of death, Rs.2 Lakh (Rupees Two Lakh only) for permanent total disablement and Rs.1 Lakh (Rupees One Lakh Only) in case of permamemt partial disablement in proportion to the percentage of disablement, as defined in the Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923.
  3. The Secretary of the Board shall on an application from
    1. The dependents of registered building or other construction worker saction a compensation of Rs.2 lakhs in case of accident occurring during the couse of employment resulting in death of the registered building or other construction worker,and
    2. The registered building or other constructionworker who is grieviously injured due to accident occuring during the course of employment sanction a compensetion of up to Rs.2 lakhs
  4. The application for claiming the amount under sub-rule(5) shall be in Form XX1-B.

  5. Supporting Document:
  6. Photocopy of ID card attested by gazetted officer
  7. Photocopy of bank passbook Benificiary or Nominee's in case of benificiary's death
  8. Death Certificate (in case of death due to accident )
  9. Post mortem report
  10. Any Photo ID proof of Nominee
  11. FIR copy
  12. Medical report
  13. Employer Certificate
  14. Form XXI-A (This document has to to be filled by the employer and uploaded)
  15. Application shall be submitted within one year of accident
  16. Application Fee : NA
    Delivery Time (Days) : 45
  17. Procedure for applying:
  18. Applicant needs to submit the application
  19. Sumission of subcription certificate by SLI/LI
  20. Application processing and Verification by Labour Inspector
  21. Preparation of inspection report by Labour Inspector
  22. Review and Approval by Assistant Labour Commissioner