Rule 43-A Assistance for pre-school Education & Nutritional support of the child of the registered women construction worker - Thayi Magu Sahaya Hastha

  1. A registred woman construction worker who has delivered a child is eligible to avail this assistance for a period of 3 years from the date of delivery as pre-school education & Nutritional Support of the child
  2. An amount of rupee 6000/- (at the rate of 500 hundred per month) shall be sanctioned to the registered woman construction worker
  3. This facility shall be availed by the registered woman construction worker twice (for the birth of first two children only)
  4. Every registered woman construction worker who is eligible for this assistance shall apply to the secretary or any Officer authorized in this behalf by the Board in Form XVII-A
  5. Every application shall be accompanied by Birth Certificate of the Child obtained from the Registrar of Birth and Deaths
  6. Supporting Document:
  7. Affidavit for second child
  8. Proof of Bank Account
  9. Photo of Child
  10. Employment Certificate
  11. Proof of Identity/Smart card issued by the Board
  12. Discharge Summary
  13. Birth Certificate of Child
  14. Application can be submitted wihtin 6 months of delivery
  15. Application can be submitted every year (upto three years)
  16. Child living Affidavit shall be submitted for second and third year
  17. Application Fee : NA
    Delivery Time (Days) : NA
    Procedure for applying:
  18. Applicant needs to submit the application
  19. Sumission of subcription certificate by SLI/LI
  20. Application processing and Verification by Senior/ Labour Inspector
  21. Preparation of inspection report by Senior/Labour Inspector
  22. Review and Approval by Labour Officer